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Slotermeer is a neighbourhood in the Amsterdam district of New-West with a low socio-economic status. As in similar neighbourhoods in other big cities, there is still much room for the improvement of the health of the residents and their social and physical environment, e.g., employment, social networks, housing, safe public space. The most prominent problems in the area are related to obesity and mental health, particularly depression, anxiety disorders, and loneliness. The project Kijk! Een gezonde wijk (Look! A healthy neighbourhood) aims to improve the well-being of the residents of Slotermeer area by giving them an active role in detecting the problems at the district.

We take the experience, needs, and wishes of the residents as a starting point, and investigate how people experience their environment in relation to health and well-being so that we can effectively address the environment. The ultimate goal of the project is to find solutions together with the residents to the problems in the area. Therefore, the central question in this project is how to give residents of Slotermeer an active role to achieve a healthier neighbourhood.

Through dialogue and cooperation with the residents, we develop a mobile application that activates them to map out the physical and social problems and eventually create an open-data platform for Slotermeer. This platform will then be used as a basis for devising solutions and improve the physical and mental health of the residents.

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