Ahmed Nait Aicha

Promovendus (PhD candidate)



Continuous measuring of the indoor walking speed of older adults living alone

( 2017 ) Ahmed Nait Aicha, Gwenn Englebiene & Ben Kröse J Ambient Intell Human Comput., doi:10.1007/s12652-017-0456-x

Unsupervised visit detection in smart homes

( 2017 ) Ahmed Nait Aicha, Gwenn Englebienne & Ben Krose Pervasive and Mobile Computing Journal (Volume 34)

Measuring regularity in daily behavior for the purpose of detecting alzheimer

( 2016 ) Saskia Robben, Ahmed Nait Aicha & Ben Kröse PervasiveHealth 2016 download

Hipperbox: A portable toolbox for rehabilitation from a hip surgery using sensors

( 2016 ) Ahmed Nait Aicha, Sven Haitjema & Pascal Wiggers Proceedings of Pervasive Health 2016 download

Continuous gait velocity analysis using ambient sensors in a smart home

( 2015 ) Ahmed Nait Aicha, Gwenn Englebienne and Ben Krose Proceedings of AmI'15 (Ambient Intelligence conference) download

Modeling Visit Behaviour in Smart Homes using Unsupervised Learning

( 2014 ) Ahmed Nait Aicha, Gwenn Englebienne & Ben Kröse UBICOMP '14 Adjunct proceedings download

How lonely is your grandma? Detecting the visits to assisted living elderly from wireless sensor network data

( 2013 ) Ahmed Nait Aicha, Gwenn Englebienne & Ben Kröse Adjunct proceedings of UbiComp '13 download

How busy is my supervisor? Detecting the visits in the office of my supervisor using a sensor network

( 2012 ) Ahmed Nait Aicha, Gwenn Englebienne & Ben Kröse Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments download

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