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Hipper project was presented at ICTopen 2016


The national conference  ICT.OPEN2016 was organised Tuesday 22 March and Wednesday 23 March 2016 at De Flint, Amersfoort. More than 500 scientists from all ICT research disciplines and interested researchers from industry came together to learn from each other, to share ideas and to network. Three Digital Life researchers (Ahmed Nait Aicha, Sven Haitjema and Pascal Wiggers) presented the 'HIPPERBOX' . This innovation come from the HIPPER project, a collaboration between creative industries and health where we design a solution to support caregivers and therapists for patients after hip surgery. The system is a portable sensor system for remote monitoring, consisting of both wearable and ambient sensors and a gateway with 4G for transmission of the data to the server. The collected sensor data is processed and analyzed to provide information about how active the patient is and which activities of daily living he is performing. The system gives insights in the progress of the rehabilitation to both the therapist and the patient. There were many lifely discussions about the system.