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What are the opportunities for sensor technology?
Small and medium enterprises and other institutions will benefit from the use of new technologies that measure people’s activities. The ‘Smart Systems for Smart Services’ project meets their demand for detailed information in this area.

  1. Market Analysis: this project investigates which sensing software and systems are currently available and which may be available on the international market in the future – and how they can be implemented by (participating) small and medium enterprises within different contexts (home, indoors and outdoors).
  2. Research in new sensing technology applications: investigating the kinds of intelligent interactive systems and services that could be developed based on these newly available technologies.
  3. Research on acceptance of the new interactive systems by so-called end-users (e.g. elderly suffering from dementia, or consumers). In which cases the technology plays a supporting role to the primary care process in healthcare institutions and in which cases it is complimentary to advertising in public spaces will be tested. Additionally, we will consider when the technology may infringe upon the privacy of these end users.

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Using an interactive model for designing public displays

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How lonely is your grandma? Detecting the visits to assisted living elderly from wireless sensor network data

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Longitudinal residential ambient monitoring: Correlating sensor data to functional health status

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Identifying and visualizing relevant deviations in longitudinal sensor patterns for care professionals

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Sensor monitoring in the home: Giving voice to elderly people

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Reducing dementia related wandering behaviour with an interactive wall

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Designing persuasive interactive environments: A hands-on workshop to explore interactivity and persuasion in design

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The garden: choice and temptation

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Living Labs as educational tool for ambient intelligence

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How is grandma doing? Predicting functional health status from binary ambient sensor data

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Co-design in real-world settings for addressing varying community needs

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Visualizing ambient user experiences: Any how

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Miniature play: Using an interactive dollhouse to demonstrate ambient interactions in the home

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ITour: Using ambient intelligence to support tourism

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Studying screen interactions long-term: The library as a case

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Ambient monitoring from an elderly-centred design perspective: What, who and how

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Beyond advertising: Large displays for supporting people’s needs and activities in public space

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Telemonitoring for assisted living residences: The medical specialists' view

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Handboek schermen in de publieke ruimte: van intentie tot gebruik

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Slimme systemen voor de toekomst

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