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Stimulating and maintaining an active lifestyle is vital to the large group of older people with early functional limitations. The Digital Life Centre develops digital support for a home-training program.

In the Netherlands every week 300,000 elderly people with early functional limitations participate in a programme “More Exercise for the Elderly” ( MBvO ). The goal of the program is to stimulate independent functioning of older physically, both mentally and socially. The current structure of MBvO does not appear to have suffcient effect on fitness aand health indicators. Our hypothesis is that older people benefit more from MBvO if 1 ) it is enriched with the specific training of functional capabilities , 2 ) the training frequency is increased , and 3 ) the nutritional status of the elderly is optimized.

VITAMIN will be evaluated in a randomized study (3×80 MBvO participants). In a preliminary feasibility study the intervention components with users (trainers and participants MBvO ) will be examined. Specific attention is paid to the diversity of the city of Amsterdam.