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Effectiveness of sensor monitoring in a rehabilitation program for older patients after hip fracture: the SO-HIP three-arm stepped wedge randomized trial

( 2019 ) Margriet Pol, Gerben ter Riet, Margo van Hartingsveldt, Ben Kröse & Bianca Buurman Age and Ageing download

Sensor monitoring to measure and support activities of daily living for independently living older persons

( 2019 ) Margriet Pol Faculty of Medicine | AMC University of Amsterdam download

Everyday life after a hip fracture: What community-living older adults perceive as most beneficial for their recovery

( 2019 ) Margriet Pol, Sebastiaan Peek, Fenna van Nes, Margo van Hartingsveldt, Bianca Buurman & Ben Kröse Age and Ageing 2019, Volume 48, Issue 3 download

Effectiveness of sensor monitoring in an occupational therapy rehabilitation program for older individuals after hip fracture, the SO-HIP trial: study protocol of a three-arm stepped wedge cluster randomized trial

( 2017 ) Margriet C. Pol, Gerben ter Riet, Margot van Hartingsveldt, Ben Kröse, Sophia de Rooij and Bianca Buurman BMC health services research

Visual behandelprotocol revalidatie na een heupfractuur

( 2016 ) Marleen Post, Robbert Kruijne, Margriet Pol, Pascal Wiggers, Margo van Hartingsveldt, Raoul Engelbert & Bart Visser download

Expert knowledge for modeling functional health from sensor data

( 2016 ) Saskia Robben, Margriet Pol, Bianca Buurman & Ben Kröse Methods of Information in Medicine

Older people's perspectives regarding the use of sensor monitoring in their home

( 2014 ) Margriet Pol, Fenna van Nes, Margo van Hartingsveldt, Bianca Buurman, Sophia de Rooij & Ben Krose The Gerontologist download

Longitudinal ambient sensor monitoring for functional health assessments: A case study

( 2014 ) Saskia Robben, Margriet Pol, Ben Kröse UBICOMP '14 Adjunct proceedings download

Sensor monitoring to measure and support daily functioning for independently living older people: A systematic review and road map for further development

( 2013 ) Margriet Pol, Soemitro Poerbodipoero, Saskia Robben, Joost Daams, Margo van Hartingsveldt, Rien de Vos, Sophia de Rooij, Ben Kröse & Bianca Buurman Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (61) 12 download

How is grandma doing? Predicting functional health status from binary ambient sensor data

( 2012 ) Saskia Robben, Gwen Englebienne, Margriet Pol & Ben Kröse Proceedings of Artificial Intelligence for Gerontechnology '12 download

Patient and proxy rating agreements on the Activities of Daily Living and the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living of acutely hospitalized older patients

( 2011 ) Margriet Pol, Bianca Buurman, Rien de Vos & Sophia de Rooij Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

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